Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu speaks at cafechurch in Beverley

On 8 January 2012 Dr John Sentamu visited cafechurch Beverley to talk about the historical truth of Jesus’ existence, dispelling some of the myths that surround who he really is.

An excerpt from the Beverley Guardian on 20 January:
'Who is this Jesus?’ took place at Beverley’s cafe church, Fresh, held at Costa on Toll Gavel. “We were amazed at the turn out,” host for the evening Pete Hammond said. “Costa was full way before the time we were due to start and we had to close the doors.”

He added: “Even though we celebrate his birth at Christmas, there are so many misunderstandings about the reality and person of Jesus. Now the Christmas parties have ended, and we’ve all given and received presents, this Fresh event gave us a genuine insight into what it’s all about - the man Jesus.

“Who better to speak to us on this subject than Archbishop John Sentamu? It was our privilege to welcome him to Fresh.


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Costa Coffee, the UK’s largest and fastest growing coffee shop chain, and Gloria Jean’s Coffees – the world’s largest coffee franchise - have given the all clear to Cafechurch Network to setup cafechurches in their UK stores. The groundbreaking scheme led by Baptist Minister Rev Cid Latty will see scores of churches bringing communities into the relaxed cafe atmosphere to deal with issues from a faith perspective.

‘We never would have dreamed that what we began at Christchurch Baptist Welwyn Garden City two years ago would mushroom into this national venture’ said Rev Latty ‘It is now the responsibility of the Cafechurch Network to train churches nationwide, so they can utilise the opportunity to reach their communities in this innovative and fresh way.’

Once churches have attended a cafechurch training day (there are two more this year) the Cafechurch Network will link them to their local store and resource them to begin cafechurch events. Members from Avenue Road Baptist Church, Southend, held their first cafechurch event in Costa Coffee on 11 May, after attending a training day. The Rev. Juliet Kilpin (church leader) comments; ‘It is all very exciting. We saw up to 80 people enjoy a vibrant evening of music and discussion in a context that is more natural to many than a church building and appeals to people who regularly go to church as well as those who don’t.’ Avenue Road Baptist Church will be holding monthly meetings from now on.

The benefits are not only being seen by the church. 'I think the model works’ said Costa home counties Retail Development Manager, Sandy Gourlay. ‘I want to take it forward through Costa because here is a way for our stores to engage with our communities.’ Kristian Thorpe, CEO of Gloria Jean’s Coffees UK, describes the partnership with Cafechurch Network as ‘fitting’ with their ethos; ‘We love innovation and we value people. This whole project is thinking outside the box and believing in people. For that reason we have asked the Cafechurch Network to provide our stores with cafechurches.’

The vision of Cafechurch Network is a big one, 'One day we will see a cafechurch on every high street in every town, village and city.' Therefore if churches want to use the concept in alternative venues they will be able to access the resources too.

Churches who want to set up a cafechurch, or just explore the idea further, are urged to book into one of the forthcoming training days:
• 5 July – Cairns Road Baptist Church, Bristol
• 4 October – Christchurch, Welwyn Garden City.

Further details can be found on the website ( by emailing or calling 01707 390246.


Contact: Alison Latty, Cafechurch Network
T: 01707 390246

Current cafechurch locations:
• Gloucester
• Trowbridge, Wiltshire
• Southend on Sea
• Welwyn Garden City
• Berkhamsted, Herts
• Bromley, Kent

PRESS RELEASE: Rebrand Church in a coffee shop

‘The Church is the largest social care provider in many areas of the UK but this is too often hidden behind stained glass windows’ claims Rev Cid Latty of the Cafechurch Network. ‘It’s time the church came out from hiding behind its walls and became more visible in the good work it does for people. There are already good examples like crime reducing Street Pastors and CrossReach’s work with vulnerable groups. All of this was instigated by the church. The role of the church in communities is vital but is too often shrouded by religiosity. By running cafechurches in Costa stores the church can be re-branded in a neutral place and so enable communities to have better access to the church in ways that benefit them.’

Cafechurch Network has setup cafechurches in over 50 towns and cities from Glasgow down to Torquay giving the opportunity for the church to be seen in more public places. Each cafechurch event discusses issues like parenting, debt or the environment, with live music and a flow of lattes and cappuccinos. With over 50% of the UK adult population visiting coffee shops the potential of rebranding the church with a cafe flavour could catch on even more. Retail Development Manager Sandy Gourlay comments. ‘The Connection between Cafechurch Network and Costa is an exciting way to bring like minded people together in our communities. A good coffee shop can be at the heart of certain social aspects within local areas. We aim to help Cafechurch Network reach out to people by providing a safe comfortable venue and assist with their charitable work by being a good neighbour.’

‘At the end of the day the church is taking some social responsibility but more could be done with local communities without the image problem that the church often has.’ Said Rev Latty ‘Cafechurch gives a window of opportunity to get this message across.’


Pastor: Sign up for my coffee church challenge

Article published in the Baptist Times.

A HERTFORDSHIRE church is brewing up plans for a groundbreaking new community outreach initiative that could see scores of churches meeting in coffee shops across the country.

Christchurch Baptist Church in Welwyn Garden City is in discussion with senior management from Costa Coffee over the use of its branches for informal church gatherings - and it's looking to enlist churches to the idea.

The church, which has run weekly meetings at the local Costa Coffee on Sunday evenings for the past year, has been in talks with Costa's regional manager Sandy Gourday over the possibilities for other churches to run similar meetings.

Christchurch is now trying to find churches interested in the area, in a bid to gauge take-up for the idea before Costa's senior management meets next month.

The church's minister, the Revd Cid Latty, urged churches to contact Christchurch before the end of next week, arguing that the scheme presented a 'powerful tool for evangelism'.

The meetings are billed as 'an easy introduction to the church', and are aimed at people who would not necessarily go to normal services.

Christchurch's Cafechurch sees the approximately 70-strong regular weekly gathering discuss issues voted for at the church's website, with church members giving a Christian perspective to everyday concerns.

As part of Christchurch's agreement with Costa, they guarantee the branch the sale of 50 cups of coffee during the meeting in order to cover costs of opening the store after hours.

'This gets church onto the high street - it gets people in the community to see that the church has something to say about the issues that are relevant to them,' said Mr Latty. 'If we can see a cafe church on every high street, what a tremendous open door for the Gospel.'

Costa home counties retail development manager Sandy Gourday said he was 'delighted' with the scheme at Welwyn Garden City.

He said he would be happy to see other churches run similar meetings in any of the 22 stores he oversees, and that he was looking to convince senior management colleagues of the worth of the idea.

'I think the model works, and I want to take it forward through Costa,' he said. 'I will be sowing the seeds with my colleagues, to show that here is a way for our stores to engage with our communities.

'This has enormous scale - the potential is huge.'

Churches interested in joining the scheme should e-mail:


National press release from Costa

Costa working with the local community

Costa Coffee are committed to working with the local community and encourage local groups and communities to use their stores as a place to meet, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Costa welcome local groups such as mother and baby, reading groups, business meetings and local charities to use their stores as a venue to hold meetings in a relaxed environment.

One great example of this has been cafechurch's Welwyn Garden City group who have been using the local store every fourth Sunday to house their meetings. The group discuss all manner of topics from Costa's own initiative, the Costa Foundation, to hosting live classical music and quizzes. As this has been such a success, Costa are investigating the potential to develop this relationship in other parts of the country.

If you are a local church group and want to find out further information on how you can get involved, please visit To locate your local Costa store please visit

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