Getting involved

How can my church and I get involved?

If you would like to run a cafechurch at your local Costa Coffee or another venue first speak with your church leaders and share the cafechurch vision. (You can download the PowerPoint slide below to help you do this)

Think & Pray. Then, share the concept with people in your church, who you feel could become a cafechurch team. Here is a PowerPoint slide to help you share the cafechurch vision with your church. Click here:Powerpoint presentation(if you do not have PowerPoint, you can download the free powerpoint viewer from Microsoft).


  • Attend a training day
    The aim of our training days is to envision you to run a cafechurch. Through our practical workshop and seminars we cover the following:
    • a biblical perspective of cafechurch
    • the vision to have a cafechurch on every High Street
    • experiencing cafechurch for yourself
    When attending a training day, you will receive a training pack, share ideas and network with others.

  • Following training, apply to join the network and run a cafechurch.

    Once we have received your completed application form, we will e-mail you the Code of Conduct to agree to. As soon as that is in place, we will send you a link to the resources download page. You will then have access to:
    • Downloadable starter resources, including Powerpoint slides and publicity templates. See some sample graphics here.
    • Your own link on the cafechurch network website for your visitors
    • Prayer support
    • E-mail for advice

  • There is an annual subscription to join the network of £149.

    Contact us:
    020 3286 1521

    This is an exciting opportunity and great fun. So join the movement to see a cafechurch on every high street!


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